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Viviscal Shampoo 150ml

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**NEW** Viviscal Hair Renewal System - Voted 10 of the Best Women's Health Products – The Daily Mail

Viviscal Shampoo with Peptides is part of the Viviscal Hair Renewal System and has been scientifically formulated for those concerned with hair loss. It is also suitable for those with fragile and delicate hair. Viviscal Shampoo provides a gentle yet effective cleanser for the hair and scalp removing any dead skin cells, helping to provide the ideal environment for the growth of healthy hair. It strengthens and protects the hair leaving it looking and feeling healthy and silky.

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The world renowned Viviscal brand - the original 100% natural hair loss supplement is made in Finland and is based on extensive scientific studies and a protected formula. Celebrities across the world are raving about Viviscal and the press are calling it one of the best health products for women.

 Hair loss is a concern for many women with statistics reporting that 1 in 3 women will experience the problem at some stage in their lives. It’s an emotional issue affecting feelings of femininity, and can often cause a loss of confidence and self esteem. Yet few have discussed this problem until now - or even realised that they share it with many others.

It’s distressing for any woman to realise her hair is thinning but this is a remarkably common problem. Temporary hair shedding (Telogen Effluvium) can happen due to stress or hormonal changes brought on by the menopause, poor diet or even some hair styling treatments. While this condition is often reversible it can be devastating while it lasts. Whatever the cause, the body stops providing the hair follicle with the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth, so growth slows and individual strands become thin and wispy before ceasing to grow at all. Viviscal provides those essential nutrients needed to re-awaken dormant hair follicles, restoring hair and restoring confidence.

Apply thoroughly to wet hair, leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse well. After rinsing, use Viviscal Conditioner if required.

Viviscal Shampoo is part of the Viviscal Hair Nourishment Program and for best results should be used in conjunction with Viviscal supplements, Scalp Lotion and Conditioner.


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