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  1. The Phyto Factor by Maryon Stewart Sale

    The Phyto Factor

    A revolutionary way to boost overall health - reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis - and to control the menopause naturally Author: Maryon Stewart. Learn More

    Regular Price: £10.99

    Special Price: £9.49

  2. Healthy eating during the menopause Sale

    Healthy Eating for the Menopause

    Authors: Marilyn Glenville and Lewis Esson.

    Published by Kyle Cathie.

    Written by the UK's leading nutritional therapists and a top chef, this is no ordinary cookbook! New research proves that foods rich in phytoestrogens and isoflavones are beneficial during the menopause. This book offers delicious recipes rich in these ingredients.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price: £7.99

  3. Your change - your choice Sale

    Your Change, Your Choice

    Authors: Michael Dooley and Sarah Stacey.

    A comprehensive and reassuring guide providing the most up-to-date research on HRT and alternative therapies.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price: £5.99

  4. Replens MD moisturiser

    Replens MD Vaginal Moisturiser 3 pack

    REPLENS MD™is the UK's number one longer-lasting vaginal moisturiser. It is hormone-free and provides relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness, irritation, discomfort and painful intercourse for up to three days at a time, from just one application.

    Replens treats vaginal dryness by:
    ·  providing immediate longer lasting relief from symptoms
    ·  lubricating entire vaginal passage
    ·  encouraging a return of natural secretions
    ·  improving elasticity of vaginal walls
    ·  maintaining vaginal ph at healthy levels

    Learn More

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